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So you want to contact me for something?  Feel free!  Listed below are some ways you can reach me.  Though I do suggest you read the FAQ beforehand, if you have a question.

Contact Me

Email Me -
I try to check my email as often as I possibly can.  If your message is intelligent, and any questions not answered in the FAQ,   then I will respond to you as soon as I can.  But be sure that you put something in the subject pertaining to the site, otherwise I'll probably delete it (thinking it's junk mail).

Yahoo! Messenger -
I am also often on Yahoo! Messenger, at various times of the day.  Due to my fluctuating schedule, I can't really give a solid time frame.  If you need to talk to me and I'm not online, feel free to send me an offline message.  If you choose to message me, please mention the site, so I know what's up.  Also, please do not just randomly add me to your messenger list; I don't allow people I don't know to add me, seeing as I really don't like dealing with your average internet weirdos.  If you wish to contact me via Yahoo!, you can reach me at username: Kitsune_Onna84

I'm generally on AIM when I'm on Y!IM, and the same rules apply.  You can reach me at username: wildvision84

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