Basic Info

To start things off, here's some basic information about myself. 


Name - Kathryn

Nicknames - Kat (friends), Katie (family)

Title(s) - Lady

Gender - Female

Birthday - 12/30/84

Age - 31

Marital Status - Single

Education - College student, working toward my Bachelor's Degree

Location – Middle of nowhere, southern Illinois

Occupation - Systems Analyst

Groups I fit into - First and foremost, geek/nerd.  (Yeah, you read right.  I'm female and geeky.)  Anime fangirl.  Bookworm.  Childfree.

Personality - Shy and fairly introverted. =P  I'm pretty quiet by nature, so if I don't know you really well, don't expect me to open up and talk easily.  But, with a little prompting, I can interact with people a bit more easily.

Hobbies - Reading (books, fanfic, manga), playing video games, watching TV (American shows and anime), web-surfing, working on my websites, just playing around with my computer, listening to music, watching anime music videos, making LJ icons and Winamp skins.

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