The flip side of 'Passions' is 'Annoyances'.  So, here are some things that bug me.  I've divided them up by category.

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-- First, my cashiering rants...I spent about two and a half straight years in retail, so there are a lot of these.  Enough, in fact, to warrant their own page.  So, here's my list of cashiering annoyances.

-- When people send me equipment to fix, but don't bother to tell me what's wrong with it.  Or if that's even why they're sending it.  (As opposed to just returning a loaned piece, or something)  Minor thing, but still annoying.  Luckily, my boss is awesome and fully endorses my sending it right back to them, with a note saying that I need info first.  ^^

-- When people don't want to believe me when I tell them that I'm out of spare equipment.  No, I don't have a replacement to send you.  Really.  I'm sorry; I know it sucks, but what do you want me to do?  Pull one out of thin air for you?  =P


-- People who don't use their turn signal.  Particularly when changing lanes.  Having you pull out in front of me, with no warning?  I really hate that.  I don't like having to slam on my breaks to keep from hitting you.

-- People who get in the passing/fast lane, then drive really slow.  And it never fails, I always get stuck behind one of these idiots when I'm in a hurry.

-- People who won't let you merge, like when you're getting onto the highway.  The other lane is clear, and they could move over, but they don't.  Grah.

-- People who don't turn on their headlights in bad weather.  You know the's pouring, or near white-out conditions, and they're driving along with no headlights.  Bonus points if they're in a white/gray car.  So, basically, you can't see them until you're right up on them, prompting you to slam on your breaks to keep from hitting them.  I fucking hate people who do this!

-- Drivers in semi trucks, or other similarly huge vehicles, who drive faster than I do.  The speed limit for large vehicles is 10mph less than the limit for regular sized vehicles.  (Where I live, anyway.  Dunno how universal it is.)  So, if I'm doing 70, and you're speeding past me?  Yeah, not good.  Pretty fucking dangerous, actually.  I swear...I think some of these guys have fewer IQ points than their trucks have wheels.  =P


-- Having to repeat myself.  A little is fine.  But again, and again, and again...I feel like a broken record!  Listen to what I'm saying, okay?

-- Stupid people.  I know that may not sound very nice, but I just have no patience for idiocy.

-- Bigots.  I will never understand why some people think it's okay to hate someone just because of their race/religion/gender/sexual preference/etc.  People like this deserve a kick to the head.

-- Closed-minded people.  So an idea's new; that doesn't make it bad.  So someone's different than you; that doesn't make them defective.

-- Conversion happy religious folk.  I am happily religion-free and plan to stay that way.  So stop preaching at me!  You won't change my mind, I promise.

-- Anti-choicers.  Now, don't get me wrong.  I'll be civil to them and whatnot.  But I'm just disgusted by anyone who thinks that they have the right to make such a personal decision for me.

Parents & Children:

-- Parents who refuse to discipline their children.  Who, as a result, are rotten, screaming little hell-brats.

-- Parents who think it's okay to bring babies to movie theaters.  Or most other places for that matter, but really.  They aren't old enough to behave, so leave them at home!

-- People who think that I should coo over any given child.  Uh, no.  Not on your life.  Now, give me a kitten, and I'll coo over it.  But a kid?  Forget it!

-- People who give me grief, or don't believe me, when I say that I hate kids and don't want any of my own.

-- People who think that the fact that they have children should get them special privileges.  (Stork spots, anyone?  =P)

-- People who think that the world should be censored, in lieu of them actually monitoring their children.  'Cause, it's not like you can keep your 10 year old from buying Grand Theft Auto...why, perish the thought!  =P

-- See my cashiering annoyances for plenty more parent/child related rants.

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