As anyone who knows me can attest, I'm a very opinionated gal.  And I have a tendency to get up on my soapbox and rant, sometimes.  So, here are some subjects that I feel strongly about, in no particular order.


I'm never going to have children.  Yes, I'm sure.  No, I won't change my mind.  Hell, I hate kids!  And I've known this since I was a child!  If there's one thing that I hate, it's when people give me grief over this decision.  It's my decision, and does not affect you in any way.  So, why the hell do you care?  I don't care if you like kids; if that makes you happy, then good for you.  See?  I'm not offended that you disagree with me.  Just stop telling me to have kids, already!  And I find it really arrogant that you think you know my mind better than I do; how else could you say with such certainty, "Oh, you'll change your mind when you get older!"  To those who think that everyone must breed, I have only one thing to say:  You're a fucking jackass.  No, I wouldn't be a good mother.  Yes, I really do hate kids.  I laugh at dead baby jokes and make coat-hanger references when hearing about idiots getting knocked up.  Take it from me; you don't want me to have kids.

I believe that love transcends differences.  Race, religion, gender, and what have you.  So, yes.  I'm for gay marriage.  And it should be called 'marriage', you close-minded jerks.  If a slutty pop star can get married in Las Vegas, then get divorced the next day, and no one cares, then I fail to see how allowing two men, or two women, to marry would 'destroy the sanctity of marriage'.  =P

I feel very strongly that a woman has the right to choose whether she wants to carry a pregnancy to term or not.  The government should have no say in this; it's a very private matter.  I see it as a question of personal autonomy, really.  Besides, it's just plain misogynistic to try to force a woman to carry an unwanted pregnancy to term.  The way I see it...say things were reversed.  Women were forced to abort, even if they wanted the pregnancy.  Everyone would be crying 'Horrible!', right?  Well, that's no different than forcing a woman to carry when she would rather abort.  The government has no right to make that kind of decision, for any woman.  Not to mention the fact that I'm extremely disturbed that some people think the "rights" of a small clump of cells are more important than the rights of a living, sentient, grown woman.

Physician Assisted Suicide:
I think it should be legal.  Again, this is an issue of personal autonomy.  The government has no right to force a terminally ill person to suffer for the remainder of their life, when they'd rather just end it.  It should be properly regulated, of course, but it should definitely be legal.

There is no reason for this whatsoever.  I'm totally against it.  (Note, I don't say 'it should be illegal'.  Just 'cause I disagree with it, that doesn't mean that I think I have the right to force that believe on others.  =P)  If you want children, but are unable to have them biologically, then guess what.  You can adopt one of the many unwanted kids in the world. (A number which will only grow, if the pro-lifers have any say about it. >_>)  Anyone who says that they couldn't love an adopted child, because they don't share blood, has no business having kids in the first place.  Blood relations are not that fucking important, people!

I'm not religious.  At all.  If I had to call myself anything, I guess I'm agnostic, but with a theistic leaning.  Basically, I think there's possibly a higher being, but that we'll never know for sure.  There's no way to prove it.  It's purely belief; not fact.  And I don't like organized religion.  Every one I've ever seen has been too cultish and creepy.  Not to mention close-minded. =P  It's a little disturbing how sheep-like some of these folk are.  >_>  Not all of them, obviously, but a lot. 

Related to the above topic, obviously.  People who feel the need to shove their gospel down your throat, no matter how unwilling you are.  Though the term is Christian-sounding, this really goes for any religion.  I really hate it when people preach to me.  And I hate how high-and-mighty these folk tend to be.  Like I said above.  Religion == belief.  Religion != fact.  Hence, your beliefs are no more valid or correct than mine are.  So kindly stop acting like such an idiot about it!  Live and let live, man.  I won't tell you to abandon your religion, and you don't tell me to choose one, 'kay?

Capital Punishment:
I'm all for the death penalty.  Although, I think our current execution method (lethal injection) is way too gentle.  The only people who are sentenced to death are murderers; usually the ones who killed a bunch of people.  So, why the hell should they get a painless death?  I wish they could implement an 'eye for an eye' type system.  However the murderer killed his/her victim(s), that's how they would be executed.

Death-Row, Appeals, Etc:
It's really pathetic how easy it is for a convicted murderer to sit on death-row for years and years.  It's usually 'cause they get appeal after appeal.  Now, sure.  They deserve a chance to appeal the conviction.  I'm not arguing that.  But time after time?  That's just ridiculous.  No more than a couple of times, and then they're executed.

Gun Control:
I'm against gun control laws.  All they do is keep guns out of the hands of law-abiding people.  The ones who were going to use their gun for crime, or whatever, will still find a way to get it; they'll just do it illegally.  Ditto about gun-locks.  If you want to use one, fine.  I think it's stupid, but it's your choice.  But please don't act like everyone has to use them, or they're a horrible, irresponsible gun owner if they don't. =P

Concealed Carry:
I think it should be legal to carry a concealed firearm.  See my above argument about gun control; the criminals will still conceal their weapons, so the only ones you're hurting are the honest folk.

Fashion and Society's Unrealistic Physical Ideal:
I really hate this.  Our society is so screwed up in what kind of physical ideal it demands that you fit.  Women mostly, though men are affected, too.  But, honestly.  It's really kind of disgusting how young girls are brainwashed into believing that their weight should be less than their shoe size, or that they have to coat their faces with tons of makeup, or that they have to dress like a cheap whore, to be considered attractive.  Not to mention the notion that being attractive is the most important thing, ever.  Honestly, people.  Can you get any more shallow?  Reminds me of a saying that I'm fond of; "Beauty fades, but dumb is forever."

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